Leonie Stanley Memorial Fund

The Leonie Staney Memorial Research Fund was established from funds bequeathed to our organisation by it’s namesake. In accordance with Leonie’s wishes this fund provides ongoing support for Queensland based research projects. Each year the MD Queensland Board of Management dispurse funds to support projects currently being undertaken in our State.

Who was Leonie Stanley?

Leonie Stanley

Leonie Stanley

Leonie Stanley was a woman with a great love for travel, a keen gardener, she had a thirst for knowledge, a questioning mind and a strong desire to give back to her community.

Born in New Zealand in 1947, Leonie left behind her close knit family for a life with her husband Alexander. The couple finally settling at 643 Nudgee Rd Nundah in the late 1970s were they lived together, accompanied by their beloved Bermese cats, until his passing in 2000. In the late 1990s MD Queensland assisted with modifications made to the home to ensure that Leonie, who had Myotonic MD could continue to live independently.

Over time, Leonie began to be confronted by the effects of Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy. As she coped with MMDs effects on her own body, she watched her mother and younger sister also struggle with the disease.

It was at this time that she began to take a close interest in the benefits of research into the treatment of muscular dystrophy. For many years Leonie was an active participant in clinical trials conducted by Professor Rick Jackson at the Logan Hospital, south of Brisbane. It was these factors coupled with a generous spirit that prompted her to bequeath the majority of her estate to MD Queensland to benefit further research.