Decision Making and Choice, Duty of Care & Dignity of Risk

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland is committed to empowering you to have control of your decision making about matters which affect your life and to be able to make choices.

We aim to support your independence and to avoid unnecessary removal of decision-making responsibility.  MDQ has a Duty of Care to help you avoid foreseeable risks. We also have an obligation under WHS legislation to protect the safety of clients and staff. Client Risk Assessments will be created to record potential risks and plans to reduce these risks.

You have a right to Dignity of Risk – to be able to make informed choices and take reasonable risks – just like everyone else. MDQ will support you to make informed decisions by providing information on the benefits and risks of proposed activities.

If you choose to undertake an activity that could harm you, but you understand the risk involved, staff will note this decision on your client file.

If it is not clear that you understand the risks and implications of a proposed action, we have a responsibility to:

  • Assess the likelihood and extent of the foreseeable harm or benefit
  • Explain the risk in way that can be understood
  • Research and recommend adjustments which will minimise risk without totally sacrificing the benefits
  • Respect your right of choice, independence and dignity

MDQ’s full Client Decision Making and Choice, Duty of Care and Dignity of Risk Policy is available on request.