Diversity Policy

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland (MDQ) is committed to provision of the highest quality services to all MDQ clients living with neuromuscular conditions, throughout their life span,  using the principles of person centred practice, maintaining the dignity and privacy of client information, and ensuring equitable, inclusive access to MDQ’s services

It is mandatory that MDQ welcomes, understands and meets the needs of all groups within the Australian community, no matter what their cultural or societal background, including people:

  • Whose first language is not English i.e. migrant and refugee groups
  • From aboriginal and Torres Strait islander groups
  • Who are members of the LGBTIQ community
  • Who use an alternate means of communication, including but not limited to Auslan (Australian Sign Language) communicators

MDQ will do all that is reasonable to support all Australians in meeting the communication and cultural needs of all clients and their carers, including those who:

  • are not fully competent in the use of the English language or who do not have the confidence to communicate in English
  • have strict cultural practices which must be followed at times when MDQ staff are engaging them in services

MDQ will

  • Fund cultural awareness training to all staff (and relevant volunteers) to be undertaken within a year of their commencement
  • Aim to be a culturally competent organisation where all staff respect and understand cultural difference and increase understanding of services available for clients/carers from representative cultural groups
  • Ensure that clients/carers exercise choice and control in the organisation’s use of assistive communication support services
  • Take a client focus to the delivery of services including clients’/ carers’ specific language needs
  • Invite clients and family members to bring a cultural support person to any relevant meetings or appointments
  • Engage interpreter services for clients/carers/potential clients who need assistance to communicate effectively when being provided with services from MDQ and do that as early as practicable on the client journey
  • Make maximum use of the cultural and linguistic skills of employees in planning and implementing client services
  • Use its status as an Equal Opportunity Employer to aim for:
    • A culturally diverse workplace where employee cultural backgrounds are respected and
    • Employ people with disabilities where skills are a fit
  • Take available opportunities to expand organisational knowledge and understanding of diversity
  • Honour the spirit and content of the Multicultural Queensland Charter located at the following link:


  • Muilticultural Recognition Act 2016
  • Multicultural Queensland Charter
  • Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 Cwth
  • Disability Service Act 2006 Qld
  • Racial Discrimination Act 1975 Cwth