Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

Note:  At this early stage of development, allied health services are available in Queensland’s south east corner.  This may change as the services develop.  You can see your allied health team at our offices; at home; at school or at your workplace.

You can access funds for allied health services (including the following) if you have allocated funds under the Improved Daily Living category of your NDIS Plan

Occupational Therapy (OT):

The OT provides specialist assessment and uses treatment techniques to address needs resulting from your disability. In your NDIS Plan, there is usually an initial OT assessment to determine your ongoing needs which may include:

  • Equipment prescription – anything from a hi-lo electric bed to assistive  software
  • Home modifications
  • Adaptations to simplify your activities of daily living

Physiotherapy (PT):

Our physiotherapist will provide clinical assessment and review of function, including ongoing monitoring which reduces the impact of your condition.  She can develop programs and teach your carers to use them e.g. hydrotherapy or stretch programs, and will play a role in your wheelchair prescription

Because of their understanding of the future pathway of your condition, the allied health team can also help you to predict and prepare for your future needs.

Next steps

Our allied health and client services team welcome you to get in touch with us, with any questions or enquiries you may have. Our contact details are:

Call us: 1800 676 364 or email the team.