Buy a ticket for your chance to win in our Art Union

$20,000 can be won in MDQ Art UnionsWe’ve made it easy for you to win a prize in Muscular Dystrophy Queensland’s Art Unions. The only trouble you’ll have is deciding how to spend your cash.


Major Prize: $20,000 cash
Muscular Dystrophy Queensland Art Unions major prize draw offers a $20,000 cash prize – no ties, simply cash transferred directly to your bank account (or posted via cheque if you prefer).


2nd to 21st Prize Draws: $50 Cash each draw.
Each additional draw offers a chance to win $50 cash. If you’re one of our lucky winners at draw time, we’ll post a cheque directly to you.


Exclusive Bonus Draw for Auto Order Supporters: $1,000 cash
Simply sign up to purchase tickets automatically in every art union for your extra chance to win $1,000 cash. This draw is exclusive to Auto Order Supporters. If you buy tickets regularly, why not join the club for an additional chance to win $1,000 cash? (You can cancel your club subscription at any time by simply calling 07 3243 9700 to let us know.)

Ticket Prices: Buy 3 to get 1 free!

Tickets are $12 each. You’ll get an extra ticket thrown in for free for every 3 tickets you buy. Spend $36-$60 for 1 free ticket, spend $72-$86 for 2 free tickets and so on. MDQ will give you 1 FREE ticket for every three tickets you buy.

Disclosure Statement

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland’s Art Union 85 closes 7:30pm on 26 July 2017 and is drawn on 28 July 2017. Tickets are $12 each. 1st prize is $20,000 cash transferred by electronic funds transfer to a bank account nominated by the winner. 2nd to 21st prizes are $50 each, paid by cheque and posted to each winner at the address recorded by MDQ at time of ticket sale. The Auto Order Bonus Draw is for $1,000 cash transferred by electronic funds transfer to a bank account nominated by the winner. Prize winners will be notified by mail and the results will be published on by 1 August 2017. Conducted under licence number 30553 as a Category 3 Art Union authorised by Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation. Contact: Chief Executive Officer, Muscular Dystrophy Queensland 1149 Sandgate Rd, Nundah 4012. Phone: 07 3243 9700.