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$20,000 can be won in MDQ Art UnionsWe’ve made it easy for you to win a prize in Muscular Dystrophy Queensland’s Art Unions. The only trouble you’ll have is deciding how to spend your cash.


Major Prize: $20,000 cash
Muscular Dystrophy Queensland Art Unions major prize draw offers a $20,000 cash prize – no ties, simply cash transferred directly to your bank account (or posted via cheque if you prefer).


2nd to 21st Prize Draws: $50 Cash each draw.
Each additional draw offers a chance to win $50 cash. If you’re one of our lucky winners at draw time, we’ll post a cheque directly to you.


Exclusive Bonus Draw for Auto Order Supporters: $1,000 cash
Simply sign up to purchase tickets automatically in every art union for your extra chance to win $1,000 cash. This draw is exclusive to Auto Order Supporters. If you buy tickets regularly, why not join the club for an additional chance to win $1,000 cash? (You can cancel your club subscription at any time by simply calling 07 3243 9700 to let us know.)


Ticket Prices: Buy 3 to get 1 free!

Tickets are $12 each and MDQ will give you 1 FREE ticket for every three tickets you buy.  Spend $36-$60 to receive 1 free ticket, spend $72-$86 to receive 2 free tickets and so on.

Disclosure Statement

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland’s Art Union 86 closes 7:30pm on 25 October 2017 and is drawn on 27 October 2017. Tickets are $12 each. 1st prize is $20,000 cash transferred by electronic funds transfer to a bank account nominated by the winner. 2nd to 21st prizes are $50 each, paid by cheque and posted to each winner at the address recorded by MDQ at time of ticket sale. The Auto Order Bonus Draw is for $1,000 cash paid by cheque and posted to each winner at the address recorded by MDQ at time of ticket sale. Prize winners will be notified by mail and the results will be published on by 1 November 2017. Conducted under licence number 190353 as a Category 3 Art Union authorised by Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation. Contact: Chief Executive Officer, Muscular Dystrophy Queensland 1149 Sandgate Rd, Nundah 4012. Phone: 07 3243 9700.


Past Winners:

Art Union 85 was drawn on 28 July 2017. Prize winners are as follows:

Major Prize Draw (Draw 1): $20,000 cash
Draw 1: Won by ticket 2548

Minor Prize Draws (Draw 2 to 21): 20 prizes of $50 cash
Draw 2: Ticket 2402,  Draw 3: Ticket 4892,  Draw 4: Ticket 1496,  Draw 5: Ticket 4365,  Draw 6: Ticket 3536,  Draw 7: Ticket 1314,  Draw 8: Ticket 1576,  Draw 9: Ticket 4395,  Draw 10: Ticket 2936,  Draw 11: Ticket 4407,  Draw 12: Ticket 3928,  Draw 13: Ticket 4433,  Draw 14: Ticket 1772,  Draw 15: Ticket 4308,  Draw 16: Ticket 0953,  Draw 17: Ticket 2408,  Draw 18: Ticket 0842,  Draw 19: Ticket 1904,  Draw 20: Ticket 4781,  Draw 21: Ticket 3523

Bonus Auto Order Supporters Prize Draw: $1,000 cash
Won by supporter number 599437.