Grievance Policy

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland (MDQ) is committed to ensuring that all service users and their families/carers, event attendees and other stakeholders are treated fairly and consistently without prejudice or discrimination, and in a professional and respectful manner. MDQ seeks both positive and negative feedback on all activities undertaken by the organisation.

It is acknowledged that from time to time there may be a grievance against the organisation or its employees/volunteers. A grievance is defined as a feeling of resentment over something believed to be wrong or unfair.  In the case where a party has a grievance they will be given the opportunity to make a complaint, which is an expression of their grief or dissatisfaction. All complaints will be thoroughly investigated in an attempt to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome. From this, a process of continual improvement will be initiated to ensure the highest possible standards are maintained by the Association and its employees and volunteers.

MDQ will ensure that there is a clear process for dealing with grievances, based on conciliation rather than confrontation, achieved through a process of mediation.  All complaints will be dealt with in a fair, equitable and positive manner with the rights of all parties respected, including the rights of privacy and confidentiality.

Clients, and potential clients, have the right to complain without affecting access to services and have the right to an advocate/support person of their choice. All clients are given a copy of the Client Services Handbook which contains information regarding their rights should they have a grievance in relation to MDQ as an organisation or with any employees of the organisation, and the process they should follow to lodge a complaint.

Anyone with a grievance is encouraged to complete a Feedback Form, which can be found on the MDQ website or can be requested via telephone to our office to either be posted or emailed. The Feedback Form is to be submitted to the Business Operations Manager (BOM) via email to or via post to our mailing address. The BOM will review the Feedback form and refer the matter to the appropriate department within the organisation.

All complaints will be investigated, discussed with the complainant and be resolved within 28 days if possible. In the instance that the complainant is unsatisfied with the outcome, they may request for the matter to be taken to the Chief Executive Officer for review. Following this, the matter can be taken directly to the Board of Directors if necessary. Correspondence detailing the complaint should be addressed to the Chairperson, Muscular Dystrophy Qld Board of Directors, and either:

Posted to: Locked Bag 3000, Eagle Farm BC, QLD 4009 or

Emailed to:

Following a complaint, the Management Committee will review procedures, processes and guidelines, and update them if required, for continuous improvement and to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality services possible.