ENMC International Workshop: Airway Clearance Techniques in NMD.

On 3 March 2017, 21 participants from 12 countries across the world (including Australia, Europe; United Kingdom; United States of America; and South Africa) met in Naarden, Netherlands, to attend and contribute to the 228th ENMC International Workshop entitled, “Airway Clearance Techniques In Neuromuscular Disorders”.

Participants represented clinicians, researchers, patients and patient advocacy groups, from a range of socioeconomic and geographical backgrounds and disciplines. The workshop was conducted under the leadership of Michel Toussaint (Belgium); David Berlowitz (Australia); Jesus Gonzalez (France) and Michelle Chatwin (United Kingdom). Professional participants for this ENMC Workshop were selected for their active involvement in neuromuscular disorder (NMD) research, clinical care, advocacy, policy development and/or education, and are all considered experts in their respective areas.

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