Ethical approval granted

Brad Launikonis

Bradley Launikonis, Head of the MD Muscle Research at the University of Queensland, has recently been granted approval from the ethics committee to use archived muscle biopsies in his research.

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland are proud to have supported this promising research which studied calcium regulatory properties of mouse skeletal muscle, comparing tissue from healthy mice with that from dystrophin-deficient MDX mice. One finding was of an increase of specific proteins in MDX mouse muscle, which seem to enable compensation for lack of dystrophin, allowing the muscle function to be somewhat normal in the MDX mice.

Brad is interested in determining the levels of these three proteins in the muscle tissue of individuals who have MD and particularly in individuals with Duchenne MD, as this most closely resembles the MDX mouse model used in his research.

In the coming weeks, we will be contacting our clients who volunteered their muscle biopsies in order to have them sign a release from, enabling Pathology Queensland to release the biopsies to Brad and his team of researchers.

If you haven’t registered your interest in volunteering a muscle biopsy and would like to do so, please contact Rick Carr by email or on 07 3607 1800.