Muscular Dystrophy Queensland encourages you to provide both positive and negative feedback on the service provided to you, to ensure that we continue to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

We are committed to upholding your rights to be treated fairly and consistently and without fear of retribution when there is a disagreement, complaint or grievance. Clients have the right to complain without affecting access to services and the right to have an advocate/support person of their choice. All complaints will be handled respectfully and with confidentiality.

Should you wish to tell us how well we are doing, how we might improve or how our service has not met your expectations, you are encouraged to complete a Feedback Form. Forms can be submitted through our website – by going to the Contact Us link. Alternatively, you can request an emailed or posted copy of the Feedback form by calling our office or emailing us at Forms can be returned to our Business Operations Manager via this same email address or mailed to our postal address.

Any complaints will be directed to our Chief Executive Officer for follow up with you. Where possible, we aim to have any issues resolved within 28 days. Should you be dissatisfied with the outcome, you have the right to take the matter to our Board of Directors for review. Correspondence should be addressed to the President of Board of Directors, Muscular Dystrophy Qld and returned to our postal address or emailed to –

Following a complaint, the Management Committee will review procedures, processes and guidelines, and update them if required, for continuous improvement and to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality services possible.