Overcoming crisis

For a person living with muscular dystrophy and similar conditions, a crisis can be an unforeseen progression in a condition, a carer suddenly falling ill, equipment breakdown, or an unplanned and unwelcome change in housing arrangements. In terms of people, this may occur for a young person with a profound disability whose sole parent carer is physically and emotionally exhausted or an adult whose muscles have become so weak s/he cannot get out of bed unaided.

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland seeks external funding to provide extended care for clients who are experiencing a crisis.

What MDQ can do

We can support you by helping you to do one or more of the following:

  • Resolve immediate issues
  • Contact the NDIS for a review of your NDIS Plan and help you to lodge that request
  • Link you into the appropriate community services e.g. housing, Centrelink, taxi subsidy scheme
  • Advocate for you and your family

What MDQ cannot do

We cannot:

  • Pay debts or bills e.g. electricity, rent, flights, transport
  • Purchase any resources e.g. equipment for your disability

Get in touch with us

It is not uncommon for people with complex disability to experience some of the issues described above and many members of our community first became connected to Muscular Dystrophy Queensland because of a crisis.  If you live in Queensland, have muscular dystrophy or a similar condition, (whether you are a MDQ client or not) contact us, and we will try to help you.