Questions about neuromuscular conditions (including muscular dystrophy)?

The Muscular Dystrophy Queensland Helpline is a new service which is available Monday to Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm AEST excluding national public holidays.

The Helpline is available to people with neuromuscular conditions (including muscular dystrophy), their carers, families and friends, as well as health professionals, service providers, community organisations, teachers and students.

What kind of support does the Muscular Dystrophy Helpline provide?

The helpline provides the initial practical information about neuromuscular conditions and living with the conditions.

Information is provided about:

  • The particular condition
  • Other places to access information
  • Services provided by Muscular Dystrophy Queensland

Who will I speak to?

The Helpline is staffed by experienced, trained professionals ready to take your call and answer your questions about the approximately 100 forms of neuromuscular conditions and how to live with those conditions.

Call today: 1800 676 364