About the NDIS



The way that you get support for your disability is about to change. From July 2016, Queensland will adopt the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) putting you in charge of the support you receive. From choosing service providers, to managing the support you get and when – with all these new decisions, you need to be prepared.

There are 3 support purposes that are further divided into 14 support categories that the NDIS may provided funding for:

  • Core: Essential supports for daily living
    • Assistance with daily life at home, in the community, education and at work
    • Transport to access daily activities
    • Supported independent living
  • Capital: Technology, equipment or modifications
    • Assistive technology
    • Vehicle modifications
    • Home modifications
  • Capacity Building: Supports that will assist you to meet your goals and to become more independent
    • Improved daily living skills
    • Improved living arrangements
    • Increased social and community participation
    • Finding and keeping a job
    • Improved relationships
    • Improved health and wellbeing
    • Improved learning
    • Improved life choices

It is good idea to start thinking about the support purposes and their support categories and make a list of any supports that you may need from each one.

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland and the NDIS


Muscular Dystrophy Queensland (MDQ) can help you throughout changes to the NDIS. We are committed to continuing to support our clients under the NDIS and to grow our services as the NDIS is rolled out in Queensland. Our Case Management Officers (CMOs) are available to answer any questions that you might have about the NDIS and can help you with the planning process.

  • Our CMOs can help you to develop your plan and may be able to attend your planning meeting with you (if practicable).
  • Our Client Services team will continue  to host NDIS Readiness Workshops around the state as each area is transitioned into the NDIS.
  • We post regular updates on our Facebook page and have information and resources on our website: www.mdqld.org.au
  • MDQ is also committed to continuing to support those clients who will not be eligible to receive funding through the NDIS.

MDQ’s service structure under the NDIS


Initially, MDQ is intending to provide the following NDIS services under the support category Improved Life Choices:

  • Plan Management Provider
    • Financial Intermediary
    • Financial and Service Intermediary
  • Coordination of Supports
    • Support Connection
    • Support Coordination

PLAN MANAGEMENT PROVIDER (similar to the Your Life Your Choice YLYC program):


When you become an NDIS participant you are responsible for organising suppliers of services, paying service providers and submitting reports to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). This can be very daunting, especially in the early years. As a Plan Management Provider, MDQ can assist you with the following important tasks, either as a:


Financial Intermediary:

• Finalising suppliers
• Setting up financial management of your plan including using a budget spread- sheet and allocating the funding
• Processing and paying invoices for all the services in your NDIS plan
• Developing mandatory monthly statements to submit to the NDIA
• Claiming from the NDIA


Financial and Service Intermediary:

All of the tasks from Financial Intermediary plus:

  • Sourcing service providers and suppliers
  • Developing service agreements with service providers
  • Negotiating method and timing of delivery of supports
  • Negotiating individual requirements as part of the support management

The NDIS is very keen for you to work towards self-managing  your NDIS plan so MDQ can provide education sessions which are aimed at increasing your independence in managing your Plan.


COORDINATION OF SUPPORTS (similar to MDQ’s current Case Management):


There are 2 levels of support that  MDQ can provide to assist you with the following important tasks:


Support Connection

Assists you to develop skills in linking with supports and also to increase your capacity to exercise choice and control. (especially useful in the early years of your Plan).

  • Connect with informal, mainstream and funded supports
  • Increase capacity to maintain support relationships
  • Resolve service delivery issues
  • Participate independently in the NDIA process

Support Coordination

More intensive assistance provided if your needs and/or your NDIS Plan are more complex.

  • Connect with, coordinate and develop your informal, mainstream and funded supports
  • Assist you if you have limited support available from family members, friends or others
  • Resolve points of crisis and assist at points of transition (eg a progression in muscle weakness leading to higher support needs)
  • Coordinate your funded service providers from a range of sources

Please note: For details of ALL of the services provided by MDQ please refer to About Our Services

How will the NDIS affect the existing services you receive from MDQ?


When you are preparing for your NDIS Plan, it is important to understand that organisations like Muscular Dystrophy Queensland have previously received government funding to provide services. As the NDIS is rolled out in Queensland, the level of funding provided by the government will decrease and by full implementation of the scheme in 2019, organisations like Muscular Dystrophy Queensland will not be funded by government to provide services. People with disabilities will apply for funding from the NDIA to buy their services through their NDIS Plan. It is a different way of doing things and is a very positive advancement for people with disabilities.


If you are eligible for an NDIS Individual Funding Package and you wish to continue to receive the types of services which Muscular Dystrophy Queensland has provided, you will have to ask the NDIS Planner to include in your NDIS Plan, funds to employ Muscular Dystrophy Queensland for the services you need.


Case Management

MDQ will no longer be able to offer Case Management to clients with NDIS funding unless they include a component of Coordination of Supports from MDQ in their plan.


Equipment Loan Service

MDQ has many Hi-Lo beds on long term loan to clients. If you have a bed from MDQ it is extremely important that you contact us BEFORE you go into your planning meeting. We will need to discuss with you the ongoing use of the bed and any future maintenance or repair costs as this will be something that can be claimed through the NDIS.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss the NDIS further, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 07 3243 9700 or email info@mdqld.org.au

Helping you understand the NDIS


Muscular Dystrophy Queensland is committed to supporting people with muscular dystrophy and neuromuscular conditions throughout Queensland now, during and after the implementation of the NDIS. We have prepared some helpful resources to assist you in preparing for the transition. This includes:


  • NDIS Access Checklist – a Government web page with 5 questions that will help you work out if you could access the NDIS.
  • Getting Ready for the NDIS – a Government web page supported by a video that provides detailed information about preparing for the NDIS
  • A Fact Sheet – provides you with some information about what the NDIS is and how it will work
  • NDIS Definitions – to help you navigate the NDIS and their wording
  • NDIS Life Domains – outlining the 10 areas that will be covered in your plan and some examples that may be relevant in your own life that you will need to consider when planning
  • Frequently Asked Questions – provides information about the NDIS and preparing for the transition in a question and answer format.


If you’re unable to download these documents, please call us and ask for copies to be mailed to you.


Getting the most from the NDIS


With the NDIS being rolled out in Queensland from July 2016, it is important to start preparing now by considering all of the supports you require in your life to achieve your goals so that you can get the most out of the NDIS when it comes to your region.

To help you prepare for the NDIS, the NDIS website provides detailed information about the planned rollout of the NDIS and who can access it, as well as information packs that include factsheets and FAQs.

Also, have a look at the My NDIS Pathway booklet – this will help you understand how the NDIS will work with you and also give you an overview of what to expect at each stage.


Consider including MDQ in your NDIS Support Plan


Your Case Worker at Muscular Dystrophy Queensland can assist you in preparation. Please be aware that if you would like to continue to receive our supports, such as case management, under the NDIS you will need to include us in your NDIS support plan. If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.