Regional outreach

We are committed to providing services where our community lives, and nearly 50% of our clients live outside Brisbane. Many times each year, our client services officers drive or fly to regional centres in Queensland to spend a few days supporting our clients. Our donors and supporters fund this valuable outreach service.

Services included on outreach

We regularly visit regional centres and offer our entire services range. We meet our families so they know us and follow up via phone or email between visits.

During each outreach visit we usually offer:

  • Meetings with families to discuss their challenges and provide information and advice
  • Our free programs such as the NDIS Ready Program; information and access to the Breathe Well and Rest Well programs
  • An informal community gathering where people can get to know us and form supportive friendships with other people living in their community who have similar challenges

Extended services under the NDIS

Under our chargeable NDIS services, our staff go to centres where we have at least a small group of clients and it is worthwhile for them to have our input. We visit our regional clients when there is a need and as often as funding will allow. We aim to visit each centre at least once each year, but often visit more frequently.

Register your interest

If you are from a regional centre and you wish to make enquiries about becoming a client of Muscular Dystrophy Queensland please contact us.