Plan Management

When a person has an NDIS Plan, they have some responsibilities including being responsible for organising and paying suppliers of services, and submitting payment claims to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) which is the government agency managing the NDIS and making the funds available.

Your questions answered …

Why would I need a Plan Management Provider?

  • It usually takes all your energy to get through the day because a feature of your condition is fatigue
  • You may not be used to managing your own funds
  • You may not have reliable internet access and/or may not be confident using a computer (The payment processes is managed online and you need to log into the NDIS portal)

If you would like to employ a Plan Management Provider in your NDIS Plan, you need to ask your NDIS Planner to include those funds. Then, you can employ Muscular Dystrophy Queensland to do all of the tasks below.

What does a Plan Management Provider do?

When you engage us as your Plan Management Provider, we can provide the following assistance:

  • Setting up the financial management of your NDIS plan
  • Creating service bookings on the NDIA on-line provider portal for your spending of funds
  • Reviewing invoices from your service providers and liaising with you to ensure you’re only paying for the services you’ve agreed to and that have been provided
  • Claiming payments from the NDIA on-line portal so that your service providers can be paid
  • Paying your service providers
  • Providing you with a monthly statement so that you can see how your plan funds have been spent and how much money you have left to spend.

Why employ MDQ as Plan Management Provider?

There are many Plan Management Providers, however we encourage you to use Muscular Dystrophy Queensland because:

  • We are specialists in working with people with muscular dystrophy and similar conditions. We understand the pathway of the conditions we support so we have the expertise to provide you with a quality service
  • MDQ has been providing services under the NDIS since it came to Queensland. Many other service providers are just preparing for the NDIS launch in south east Queensland
  • We are there to ‘look out for you,’ and to support you to get the most out of your NDIS plan
  • You will have access to our free services.

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