Register as a Client

If you are thinking of becoming a client of Muscular Dystrophy, it is best to have a conversation with us first and we can provide some information and answer any questions you might have.  There is no charge for becoming a client of Muscular Dystrophy Queensland.

If you decide you would like to be a client, there is some paperwork to be completed – a registration form and a consent form.

  • A Registration Form records useful information about you which may assist us in our work with you
  • A Consent Form gives us your permission to undertake agreed activities on your behalf.

Once you have become a client, you will be able to receive our communications, including our quarterly client updates, and we will keep in regular contact with you – at least one phone or email contact per year.  In addition, you can call Muscular Dystrophy Queensland at any time to access our charitable and chargeable services.  We would also like you to keep in contact with us – change of address if you move house, sharing good news like new housing.

You become a member of our community which exists to empower Queenslanders living with muscular dystrophy and similar conditions to make the most of opportunities and fulfil their potential to live the lives they choose.  We would love to welcome you.

For more information about our client services, you can download our Client Guide

Ceasing to be a client of Muscular Dystrophy Queensland

You may choose to that you no longer wish to be a client of Muscular Dystrophy Queensland for any reason, including:

  • You no longer have a need for our services
  • You have moved interstate (MDQ can refer you to a Muscular Dystrophy organisation in most states of Australia.

Just let us know if your circumstances change and you no longer wish to continue as a client of MDQ.

Client Registration Enquiry

If you’re interested in becoming a client of Muscular Dystrophy Queensland, please don’t hesitate to use the following form to get in touch with us.