Rest Well Hi-Lo Adjustable Electric Bed Loans

Since the 90s, we have provided our clients with specially prescribed hi-lo electric adjustable beds on long-term loan. We know this equipment is important for maintaining health, well-being and some level of independence. At its peak this program maintained more than 250 beds on loan throughout the State. Through the program’s history, we have relied on the generous support of our donors and funding from a number of private trusts and foundations and limited government grants, such as the Queensland Government Gambling Community Benefit Fund.


NDIS participants are now able to include the purchase of hi-lo electric beds in their NDIS plans so MDQ can concentrate on filling other gaps for our clients.

For those people who will not be eligible to access an Individual Funding Package under the NDIS, MDQ will endeavour to continue to provide the Rest Well Hi-lo Bed Loan Program. 

Your questions answered …

Who will be able to access the Rest Well Hi-lo bed loans?

People who have registered as MDQ clients and are not eligible for an NDIS Individual Funding Package

What will be included in the hi-lo bed loan?

  • A suitable bed – we consider your individual circumstances and rely on feedback from your occupational therapist to ensure you receive a bed that suits your needs. As an example, we often supply king single bed, with hand controls, side rails & a head and foot board. Often, but not always, a mattress is also provided.
  • Transport of the bed to the person’s home
  • Repairs and maintenance for the period of the loan

What is the borrowing process?

The borrower /client:

  • Makes enquiries to MDQ about the availability of the loan and MDQ assesses capacity to make the loan
  • Is responsible for obtaining an assessment of need for the bed from an occupational therapist.
  • Liaise with MDQ staff to complete any forms e.g. application form and to make arrangements for delivery. (This process may take some time)
  • During the period of the loan, it is important to stay in contact with MDQ if you move house or need maintenance. This is all explained when you borrow the bed

Important points to note

  • Availability of loans is dependent upon funds available. Unfortunately, loans will be temporarily suspended if we run out of funds dedicated to the program
  • This service is available for registered MDQ clients and only those who are ineligible for funding under the NDIS
  • MDQ has structured this program in good faith and takes no responsibility for issues that may arise as a result of using the program