Coordination of supports

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) represents superb progress in the support of Australians with disability to live the lives they choose. There are, however, practical issues to be considered, such as how to do the many tasks to implement your NDIS Plan. A Support Coordinator can help you implement your plan, connect with services and providers and help you work towards achieving your goals.

If you want Support Coordination included in your NDIS Plan, you need to request it in your NDIS planning meeting.

MDQ has found that having Support Coordination in your NDIS Plan really helps to reduce the stress of plan implementation, so you may wish to consider asking for it. You have a choice about whether to ask for Support Coordination and if it is provided, you can choose your Support Coordination provider.

Since the NDIS came to Queensland in 2016, Muscular Dystrophy Queensland has been providing Support Coordination for people with muscle wasting conditions, so you may wish to consider MDQ as your Support Coordination provider.

What is Coordination of Supports?

With MDQ as your Support Coordinator, you would be assisted with the following:

  • Using specialist knowledge of the whole-of-life needs of your condition, we would assist you in planning your supports and choosing your services under your NDIS Plan
  • Explain the structure of and budget for the NDIS Plan
  • Advise you how to engage your service providers, develop service agreements with them and build your informal supports
  • Assist you to resolve issues and have a strong voice about what you want and need
  • Help you to request a request for a review of your NDIS Plan if there is a change in your condition or life circumstance or if you are unhappy with any aspect of your plan
  • Advise you about spending your funds wisely so they last for the duration of your Plan
  • Help you to build your ability to eventually manage your NDIS Plan independently – if that is your choice
  • Assist you to re-set your goals and prepare for your periodic NDIS Plan review

Why employ MDQ as Support Coordinator?

  • Since 1978, MDQ has been committed to our community of people with muscle wasting conditions
  • We understand the pathway of the conditions we support so we have the expertise to provide you with a quality service throughout your lifetime
  • MDQ has been providing services under the NDIS since it came to Queensland in 2016 so we have also developed expertise in the NDIS
  • We are there to ‘look out for you,’ and to support you to get the most out of your NDIS plan
  • Through employing MDQ, you are supporting your neuromuscular community and ensuring the future financial health of MDQ, so we are be able to continue to support all of our clients

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