Coordination of supports

Negotiating your first NDIS Plan is a wonderful achievement which will make a real, positive difference to your quality of life.  For most people, implementing your NDIS Plan is challenging, for example understanding its structure, developing a budget, finding suppliers and making service agreements with them.

Since the NDIS came to Queensland in 2016, Muscular Dystrophy Queensland has been assisting those people with Coordination of Supports in their NDIS Plans to do all of the tasks related to activating your NDIS Plan.

If you would like Support Coordination services, you will need to ask your NDIS Planner to include some funds for this service in your NDIS Plan.  Once you have Support Coordination hours included in your NDIS Plan, you can engage Muscular Dystrophy Queensland to help you.

Your questions answered …

What is Coordination of Supports?

When you employ Muscular Dystrophy Queensland as your Coordinator of Supports, we provide the following:

  • Using our knowledge of you as our client and/or a person with muscular dystrophy or similar condition, we assist you to get the most out of your NDIS Plan
  • We analyse your NDIS Plan with you and prepare a budget
  • We help you to engage your service providers, develop service agreements with them and build your informal supports
  • We assist you to resolve issues e.g. problems with your service providers
  • We are there to help you if there is a change in your condition and you need to apply to the NDIA for a review of your NDIS plan
  • We work with you to build your ability to eventually manage your NDIS plan independently.

Why employ MDQ as Support Coordinator?

There are many Support Coordination providers however we encourage you to use Muscular Dystrophy Queensland because:

  • We are specialists in working with people with muscular dystrophy and similar conditions. We understand the pathway of the conditions we support so we have the expertise to provide you with a quality service
  • MDQ has been providing services under the NDIS since it came to Queensland. Many other service providers are just preparing for the NDIS launch in south east Queensland
  • We are there to ‘look out for you,’ and to support you to get the most out of your NDIS plan
  • You will have access to our free services.

Take the next step

Our client services staff would welcome a call or email. If you know who the dedicated person for your area is at Muscular Dystrophy Queensland you can contact them directly. Otherwise our contact details are: