Leaving a bequest to Muscular Dystrophy Queensland, whether it be large or modest, is possibly the most profound and enduring contribution you can make. You will help us continue to provide services for children, young people and adults whose lives are impacted upon by a neuromuscular condition far into the future.

Are you considering leaving a bequest?

Let’s have a conversation. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss in more detail how your bequest could make a lasting difference for our community. Your enquiry will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Contact: Penny Deavin, General Manager – Business & Development
Call:        1800 676 364

If you have already made a bequest, please let us know. We’d like to keep you updated with our latest news and acknowledge your kind support.

Different kinds of bequests

There are several types which can be left in a will.  However, the most common are:

Residual Bequest

After first taking care of the needs of your family, many people will then often leave the balance of their estate to charity.  This method provides protection against the possibility of any leftover balance of your estate passing to government.

Proportional Bequest

Consider this type of bequest if you wish to divide up the proceeds of your estate into shares (e.g. Allocating percentage shares to family members and charities according to your wishes).  This method ensures your beneficiaries will not be disproportionately disadvantaged by increases or decreases in the value of your assets over time (as their percentage share remains the same).

Specific Bequest

Here you can designate that a specific asset or item (e.g., an investment, amount of money, real estate, jewellery, artwork, life insurance policy, vehicle or heirloom) is to be left to your nominated beneficiary or beneficiaries (these specific assets can be shared between several beneficiaries).

Alternative Bequest

Subsequently, if one of your beneficiaries is unable to receive their share of your will (e.g. they predecease you) then, as an alternative, you could nominate Muscular Dystrophy Queensland to receive that share instead.

There are other less common types of bequests which your solicitor or trustee company can also advise you on.

Bequest Wording

Each type of bequest, would require different wording to be included in your will. Request a copy of our bequest brochure which provides further details about your options and the best wording to use for each kind of bequest.

Occasionally, there can be confusion between the organisations that provide services for people living with muscular dystrophy. It’s therefore important that you include our full, legal name to ensure your instructions are clear.  Including our ABN and ACN will also provide further clarity.

Our legal name: Muscular Dystrophy Queensland Limited
ABN: 14 908 553 738
ACN: 621 816 975