Leaving a bequest to our Association, whether it be large or modest, is possibly the most profound and enduring contribution you can make to help us continue to provide services for children, young people and adults whose lives are impacted upon by a neuromuscular condition.

Leaving a bequest

If you would like a more detailed understanding of our services and how your bequest could make a lasting difference for people living with muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular conditions please contact our office. Your enquiry will be treated in the strictest confidence.

If you have already made a bequest to our Association, please let us know so that we can keep you updated with our latest news and acknowledge your support.

Bequest Wording

Our suggested wording for a bequest benefiting Muscular Dystrophy Queensland is:

I GIVE to the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Queensland Inc. whose head office is at 1149 Sandgate Rd, Nundah Qld 4012, the whole (or insert percentage of) of my estate.  I declare that the receipt from the Chief Executive Officer or President of the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Queensland Inc. is a complete discharge of this bequest.