MD Queensland and UQ Research Collaboration Continues

uq_logoA collaborative grant between UQ Muscle Research Lab and Muscular Dystrophy Queensland has been recognized with further funding.

This year The University of Queensland opened applications for researchers with ‘partner organizations’ to apply for moneys from the Collaboration and Industry and Engagement Fund.

To accelerate our work on Muscular Dystrophy (MD), we applied to this fund with the support of Muscular Dystrophy Queensland.  Our application was centred on Muscular Dystrophy Queensland’s assistance in coordinating the approval of MD clients to access their archived MD biopsies and our subsequent use of these important samples in future research.  I am pleased to advise you that we were awarded $74,120 towards our MD research!

The aim of the Collaboration and Industry and Engagement Fund is to support research that will develop and become and an application to larger national granting schemes, such as the Australian Research Council and the Nation Health and Medical Research Council.

The Muscle Research Lab will now be able to hire a new research assistant to continue our work on MD and, indeed, apply for larger amounts of funding from other agencies as our MD projects progress.  We wish to thank Muscular Dystrophy Queensland and their clients for their support which enabled us to secure this funding.

Bradley Launikonis

Muscle Research Lab, Head.