Brendan – Overcoming challenges

Brendan3Brendan is an adventurous man who has overcome some of the challenges of MD in a unique way. He explained to MDQ how he manages to get out and about, see new places, and find the best fishing spots – even if they are a little tricky to get to!

A new invention:

“My older brother and I were looking at a way to make access to fishing spots that require a quad bike to reach, such as a place known locally as the Point, a ride of 20kms. So with the help of his railway friends, my older brother built a special chair trailer out of an old Marlin chair to tow behind his quad bike. It may not be the most comfortable of rides but it is a lot of fun getting out and seeing places that I’ve wanted to see.

A more comfortable alternative:

After saving up my pension for ages, I purchased a beach buggy to do the same but with a lot more fun.

Brendan1Other adventures:

I like to 4WD with my parents and younger brother. Have a big interest in fossils and went on trip around Australia’s dinosaur trail last year.

Life with MD:

Life was never meant to be easy but you just push through the bad and focus on the good. Don’t give up on trying things because they seem unlikely. I do everything beneficial for better quality of life with MD; the breathing exercises, stretches, and wearing leg braces and have found after simpler ways to do them with the same results. I’ve also joined online dating to look for a partner, unfortunately haven’t found anyone yet but in the end it isn’t as important as I originally thought.