Robert – Living a full life


Robert talked to Muscular Dystrophy Queensland caseworker, Maryanne, about his favourite activities and how he keeps busy.

Watching AFL and staying in with some good food:

Being born in Melbourne, Robert is an AFL fan. Barracking for Collingwood, he often enjoys watching the game with his Mum and Dad, who he lives with. He likes to cook for himself (his favourites are pizza and cupcakes) but regards his Mum as a better cook, particularly when his favourites, Thai food or salmon, are on the menu.

Going to the local café:

Well known by many in his local area of Bracken Ridge, Robert is a regular at the local Gloria Jeans Café. In fact, Maryanne says, “He was dressed up and looking debonair, ready to go for our meeting”. He often meets friends at the café, particularly his friend John who he meets every Saturday. He has a busy social life and loves a good chat. After coffee, when the weather permits, he likes to head to nearby McPherson Park to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Attending community events:

Robert and Netta, his carer, shared with Maryanne information about a regular event organised at the park by the Lions Club on the last Sunday of each month, “There are lots of things there, a miniature steam train, sausage sizzle, singing, markets and lots of people”. He encourages others to make it along.


He likes to keep himself busy. Every Monday, Robert heads to Bracken Ridge Council to volunteer. He “fills envelopes and puts things in boxes and sometimes Netta helps as well”. He also takes the opportunity to let them know if there are any holes in the pathway on his way to the shops. He tells them, “it is very bumpy and there are tree roots growing in the path. They need to chop them out”.

Hobbies and sports:

On Tuesdays, he goes to Sporting Wheelies, gym and swimming, which he loves. The rest of his week is less structured. He showed Maryanne a puzzle of the Sydney Opera House he had been working on, which he was proud to say, he was almost finished. He enjoys using tools and spends a lot of time in the workshop at his home, making small wooden toy trucks and other items.