You’re The Voice

You're the Voice
You’re The Voice is about creating and growing a community of people who build up each other and others. The project invites anyone in the neuromuscular community to contribute their stories, ideas, experiences and insights in a collection of videos and recordings giving encouragement, inspiration and hope.


Meet our Project Leaders

Doug and Nhon's profile photographs

Nhon (left) is a University student training to be a therapist. Nhon is passionate about public speaking and connecting with others who are dealing with similar questions or struggles as he had.

Doug (right)  is very involved in the theatre, as an actor and a performed playwright. When he’s not working on a play Doug spends his time volunteering, performing weddings as a marriage celebrant, supporting the Penrith Panthers and with his partner Lauren.

Let Nhon and Doug introduce themselves on video or podcast.


The Vision

To create a platform for regular people in the neuromuscular community to share their stories, ideas and conversations about all aspects of living life on their own terms. A place be real and talk about the triumphs as well as the struggles, the insights and the fails, big or small, and how you handled it all.

A platform where others can be inspired and empowered to live an awesome life. A place to find real stories and ideas on how to handle the hard stuff and try again, and how to create the great stuff in life.

This project recognises that “you’re the voice” that makes a difference to other people living with a neuromuscular condition. As voice is often the best form of communication for people living with neuromuscular conditions the stories and conversations in this collection are videos and audio recordings.


The Collection

Watch or listen on your phone via YouTube or Soundcloud, or follow the links below.

Watch our collection so far, or Listen to our collection so far

Add your voice to the project! It’s easy to join us and learn how to be a narrator


Other Shared Knowledge

Check out Deb & Doug’s tip sheets for practical advice on doing life with a neuromuscular condition.



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This project has only been possible with the support of the PTC Therapeutics Strive for DMD Awards.