Get involved in Queensland MD research

Brad LaunkonisThis is a great opportunity for people with MD to get involved in groundbreaking research right here in Queensland.

Bradley Launikonis is Lecturer and Head of the Muscle Research Laboratory of the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Queensland.

For the past 2 years Brad has been directing his research efforts into understanding the differences in the calcium regulatory properties of healthy mouse skeletal muscle and the dystrophin-deficient MDX mouse skeletal muscle.

One of the results of this research has been the identification of three proteins which appear to be increased in the skeletal muscle of dystrophic MDX mice (when compared to a healthy mouse). The increase in these proteins helps the dystrophic muscle “compensate” somewhat for the lack of dystrophin, thereby allowing the muscle to function somewhat more normally in the MDX mouse.

Brad is interested in determining the levels of these three proteins in the muscle tissue of individuals who have MD and particularly in individuals with Duchene MD, as this most closely resembles the MDX mouse model used in his research.

The fact that the MDX mouse is known to “compensate” somewhat for the lack of dystrophin may be presenting researchers with potential interventions which may, in future, help MD patients improve their muscle function.Head of the Muscle Research Laboratory Brad Launikonos

The Muscular Dystrophy Association of Queensland is eager to assist Brad in his research, and therefore we are calling on our clients who have had a muscle biopsy performed in the past in Queensland to help, regardless of what type of MD they may have.

Brad is currently in the process of working with hospitals to have a biopsy release form drawn up.  Once this form is ready, we will be in contact with those who have responded to arrange to have the release signed.

We will be following Brad’s research closely, and will provide you with regular updates as they come to hand.

If you would be willing to consent to have your biopsied muscle tissue used in Brad’s research or if you have any questions you would like answered to assist you in making your decision contact Rick Carr at MD Qld on 3607 1800 or free call 1800 676 364.