Art Union 87 Winners Announced

Winner of the prizeWe have our Art Union prize winners!! And you won’t believe one of the names that came up … to our great surprise, our lovely Case Management Officer, Maryanne won $1,000 in our exclusive draw for AutoOrder ticket buyers.

We’re fortunate that many of our current and former employees support the Art Union as a way of giving back to the community they work with so closely. Maryanne first signed up for auto ticket orders in September 2012 and has been a regular supporter ever since. The small group of staff gathered for the draw erupted in celebration when Maryanne’s name was drawn.

While the draw was underway, Maryanne was ignoring the commotion at the other end of the building. She had stayed at her desk, organising an upcoming outreach trip to Townsville. When we were finally able to share the good news, Maryanne became uncharacteristically lost for words.

Our other prize winners included: the first prize of $20,000 cash, won by ticket 3730, held by a supporter who had been regularly purchasing tickets since the 90s.

20 second chance draws for $50 cash were won by the following ticket numbers: 0245, 1165, 4959, 2280, 4211, 3477, 0818, 2751, 1194, 1633, 0290, 4754, 0958, 1932, 4764, 4357, 3648, 5164, 3417, 0105