Information & Support


We know that having trustworthy information is important and Muscular Dystrophy Queensland provides information about muscular dystrophy and similar conditions through our phone information service (Helpline), newsletters, this website, Facebook page and other social media outlets.

Who will I speak to?

The information and support service is staffed by experienced, trained professionals ready to take your call and answer your questions about the approximately 100 forms of neuromuscular conditions and how to live with those conditions. We will be able to answer questions straightaway or consult our global networks for an answer. This is a free service, available to our clients and to interested members of the public.

Call us on our freecall number today: 1800 676 364

The freecall number (or direct line 07 3243 9700) is available during office hours. You can also email us at any time with your enquiry.

Individual services

If you are a person living with muscular dystrophy or a similar condition in Queensland and you are not eligible to be an NDIS client, we can help you directly, without charge. First you will need to register as a client and we can then provide practical support, advice, and individual advocacy, especially at critical times in your life:

  • Pre-diagnosis or at diagnosis
  • When you (or a loved one) are making a transition in life e.g. leaving school; retiring
  • If there is a progression in your condition and you need more services
  • If there is any incident which makes you feel less able to cope.

If you are an NDIS client, we have some options which we can work through with you:

  • We may be able to direct you to the appropriate funded provider within the system or to advocate on your behalf for a change in your NDIS Plan.
  • You may employ Muscular Dystrophy Queensland as a service provider.