Physiotherapy, OT and Allied Health Services

Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Allied Health Assistance

Allied Health Services

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland provides an allied health service that includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy and allied health assistance.

We provide in-home therapy services via regular outreach visits to areas outside Greater Brisbane. This includes the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and the Scenic Rim and Cairns. Services are also provided to regional Queensland via telehealth and outreach visits can be arranged where there is demand.

Services are available in the following settings:

  • At our Client Centre in Nundah
  • In the community member’s home 
  • At community facilities, for example hydrotherapy sessions are available at some council swimming pools.
  • To supplement our face-to-face services, where it is useful for the community member, we also offer follow up appointments via tele-health.

Physiotherapy Machine

To ensure the safety of our community, our team follows strict infection control procedures enabling Muscular Dystrophy Queensland to continue face-to-face services under most circumstances.

For our community members with NDIS funding, all of our allied health professionals are experienced in providing reports and performing the tasks required by the NDIA, so that people receive the services and assistive technology they need to lead a life without limits. 


Muscular Dystrophy Queensland’s specialist Physiotherapists (PT) have a deep understanding of the nature of neuromuscular conditions and therefore, know how to assist our community members to manage their conditions.

They do this by providing symptom management, lifestyle modification advice and interventions, and prescriptions for assistive technology to improve mobility and independence. Assistive technology refers to equipment that can promote independence. 

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Muscular Dystrophy Queensland’s physiotherapists provide functional assessments and then build individual programs for our community members that address current issues as well as providing advice about the future profile of the condition. 

Allied Health Services provided by our physios 

  • Physical and functional assessments including gait, balance, posture, range of movement, muscle strength, timed tests and outcome measures.
  • Advice and treatment regarding symptom management e.g. muscle stretching and light exercise programs, management of pain and fatigue, balance exercises.
  • Equipment prescription for manual and power wheelchairs, scooters, pressure relieving cushions, water wheelchairs, walkers and other assistive equipment.
  • Assessment and referral for custom-made orthotics.
  • Specialised seating assessment, recommendations and prescriptions.
  • Hydrotherapy – individual and group programs
  • Group therapy at our Nundah Client Centre for gait and balance
  • Respiratory assessment and management in the community setting
  • Training for family members and support workers in home programs, manual handling and the use of specialised equipment such as the cough assist machine in the home environment.
  • Liaison with other health care professionals, medical specialists and educational settings to provide coordinated care.

Members of our Allied Health Team in the pool

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland’s Occupational Therapists (OT) also work exclusively with community members with neuromuscular conditions and know how to help people to participate fully in their life roles and activities of daily living.

A principal goal of occupational therapy in the life of a person with a neuromuscular condition is to maintain as high a level of independence as possible despite their condition.  

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Allied Health Services provided by our OTs

  • Understanding your limitations and making adaptations to achieve your goals
  • Equipment prescriptions for hi-lo beds and mattresses and other assistive equipment
  • Safety, especially if you have had a progression affecting your physical abilities
  • Transitions, for example from school or in roles such as from worker to retiree
  • Minor home modifications and home access
  • Smart technology and environmental controls
  • Community access and participation
  • Assisting you to be as independent as possible in your employment setting
  • Ability to think (cognition), interpret and remember

The occupational therapists work with you if you need to apply to the NDIA to obtain specialist housing, and they also submit reports for the NDIA and liaise with your planner to obtain assistive technology needed for your independence.

Allied Health Assistance (AHA)

The Allied Health Assistants support the allied health team. It is our AHAs who make and confirm appointments, maintain our equipment and support the team with research into equipment and suppliers. 

Most importantly, our Allied Health Assistants work under the direction of our allied health professionals to implement their individualised programs for community members.

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Allied Health Services provided by our AHAs 

  • Individual sessions to carry out programs which have been developed by the physiotherapist or occupational therapist. For example, the Physiotherapist will create a program, demonstrate it to the Allied Health Assistant and then the Allied Health Assistant will implement that program under supervision.
  • Assists the therapists with groups e.g. hydrotherapy, life skills, land-based exercise groups and home based programs to increase independence.
  • Minor equipment adjustments under the direction of the physiotherapist and occupational therapist.

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