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Community Stories

Community Stories

Meet some of our wonderful community members as they share their journey living with muscular dystrophy and similar conditions.


India’s amazing art

India Parker is a 23 year old self taught artist who specialises in fine art including fine line and stippling. Raised in Brisbane, Queensland, India was diagnosed with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD). She gained her first art commission at the age of 14.


Tristram represents Australia

Tristram is a valued board member of Muscular Dystrophy Queensland. He is the Head of Community Engagement at Clickability, a disability service directory that helps match NDIS participants with providers. Tristram is also a keen powerchair football player, having represented both Queensland and Australia.


ABC Days Like These

Alyce Nelligan is used to being a trailblazer.  She hasn’t met a barrier she hasn’t been able to smash through.  Until now.

Born with minicore myopathy, a rare muscle disease, she was the first at her primary school in a wheelchair, and the first with a physical disability to graduate from her high school in Toowoomba, Queensland.

ABC Radio

Tracey shoots for target

Following a “come and try” weekend at Belmont Shooting Range, Tracey was introduced to rifle shooting and hasn’t looked back.

“I wanted to try drag racing but decided on shooting instead. If you get the opportunity to do something a little outside your comfort zone, just do it. Jump. Do it”.

Creativity takes courage

Anthony is a talented artist and author, creating his own unique range of beautiful artwork and children’s books.

Anthony learned at a young age that his physical limitations meant he’d have to work harder to achieve his goals.

The Politics of Pain, by Peter Slade

Read thoughts on equitable access to pain management from one of our community members.

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