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Feedback, Complaints and Resolution

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland welcomes your feedback, whether complimentary or constructive, as it allows us to understand the level of your satisfaction with our service and provides an opportunity for us to continue to develop and improve.

Compliments and suggestions

We aim to provide services that are valued and meet the needs of our community. We value your compliments and delight in being able to share “a pat on the back” with members of our team. Additionally, we welcome suggestions you may wish to provide about changes to our existing services or about how you see our organisation improving to meet your needs.

Complaints and constructive feedback

Any feedback you provide will be handled respectfully and confidentially. We will uphold your right to be treated fairly and consistently and without fear of retribution when there is a disagreement or complaint. Be assured that you can make a complaint without affecting your access to services. If you wish to, you may seek the support of an advocate or support person of your choice to assist you when providing your feedback. 

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FAQs on providing feedback, complaints and resolution

Who can provide feedback?

Any person who uses Muscular Dystrophy Queensland’s services or participates in our events can provide feedback, make a suggestion or a complaint. Family members, people who work in the sector or members of the public can also provide constructive feedback or make a complaint.

What can I provide feedback about?

  • Our programs, both NDIS funded and our charitable services
  • Our processes and the way we do our work
  • Our events and any aspect of them
  • Our staff and how they conduct themselves in any situation
  • Our performance in general

How can I provide feedback?

You can provide feedback or make a suggestion or a complaint by contacting Muscular Dystrophy Queensland or discussing your issues with any one of our staff. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Have a conversation with a Muscular Dystrophy Queensland staff member who will either try to resolve your complaint on the spot or refer it to a manger for resolution. The staff member will ask you whether you want the feedback to be referred and assist you in writing a summary of your feedback if that is necessary
  • Our feedback form included above.
  • You can email the CEO at or write a letter to:
    Locked Bag 3020, Springwood, QLD, 4127.
  • If you have receive a service as a member of our community, you may choose to provide feedback via our annual Client Survey.
  • We have workshop and program evaluations, and occasional phone surveys

You can lodge your feedback or complaint with your contact details included or you may wish to lodge it anonymously.

If you have an issue with the CEO or one which you do not want to share at staff level, you can provide feedback or make complaints directly to the Board to the board Chairperson.

Can I have a support person?

We would like you to be as comfortable as possible throughout lodging a complaint, having it investigated and resolved. We will support you to have a support person, an interpreter, a communication assistant, or a cultural ambassador. The support person role is to provide support and should not argue the case on behalf of the person making the complaint.

What happens after I submit feedback?

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland will provide an objective and positive response to any feedback, especially to any complaints. All complaints will be investigated, discussed with the person making the complaint and resolved as soon as possible. We aim to acknowledge your submission within 3 business days and resolve the issue within 21 days.

Where a complaint is made, all people involved in the complaint (both the person making the complaint and any person/s against whom the complaint has been made) will have the right to have the complaint investigated and resolved respectfully, confidentially and in a timely manner.

We will aim to:

  • Complete an investigation which is proportionate to the nature of the complaint,
  • Keep all parties informed as the investigation progresses
  • Provide answers and take remedial action.

One or some of the following may happen once we have all the information:

  • An apology. Mistakes can be made and it is only when you point those out that Muscular Dystrophy Queensland can improve.
  • Clarification by the provision of more detailed information
  • Changes in the processes which Muscular Dystrophy Queensland follows which may include additional staff training
  • Reallocation of a client to another team member for service provision

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland will also communicate their actions in writing to the complainant.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the outcome of my complaint?

You may not be satisfied with the outcome of our internal complaint investigation.  Should you be dissatisfied, you have the right to ask the CEO to refer your complaint to the Muscular Dystrophy Queensland Board or to direct it yourself to the Board Chairperson, via email

If you are not satisfied with the board’s decisions or you wish to refer the complaint to an external agency, you may do so. The following agencies may be of assistance:

How does Muscular Dystrophy Queensland use my feedback to continuously improve its practice?

Following the complaint resolution, the management team will also review all aspects of the complaint and make changes needed to reduce the risk of similar situations arising.

The CEO also keeps the board informed and they analyse trends as well. An end of year report which includes a summary of the complaints, outcomes, and the changes made. The board again discusses any systemic issues and opportunities for improvement.

Further information

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland’s full Feedback, Complaints and Resolution Policy is available on request. We may at any time update or remove this policy without prior notice. Any changes to this policy will be published here on our website. This policy was last updated in February 2020.

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