Your kindness this Christmas can deliver new services for people living with muscular dystrophy

With the appropriate disability supports in place, people living with muscular dystrophy can set goals and work towards achieving them. But for others who cannot access the funding they need, the outlook is bleak.

In the new year we’re planning to increase three programs aiming to improve outcomes for members of our community.

With your help we can:

  • Step up for older Australians. We’re highlighting why disability supports should be based on a person’s abilities, not their age and we’re subsiding therapy sessions to meet this gap.
  • Host social activities that create lasting, meaningful friendships, enabling our community members to explore new possibilities and learn shortcuts to achieve their goals.
  • Build an equipment library that cuts out long wait times for mobility equipment. With a range of mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, standing frames and hoists, people can borrow what they need until their funded item is ready.

Thank you for your generosity