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Nina takes a trip to the Hunter Valley and shares her experience hot air ballooning!

Hunter Valley Adventure

Nina was the lucky winner of our 2022 Ride Walk Roll Flight Centre voucher and put it to good use recently with a trip to the Hunter Valley with her partner.

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Trying out the first, fully accessible hot air balloon in NSW, Nina got to fly high taking in the beautiful sunrise.

“This was so special and I’m so glad I was able to experience it. I felt very safe and the only downside was having my legs in one position for an hour. The serenity of the flight more than makes up for it”.

An accessible bus (with lift) is used to transport guests and Nina transferred into a seat with harness (if necessary) as part of the upgraded balloon.

Nina also took part in an accessible wine tour.

“The lift at the back of the bus meant I could stay in my wheelchair all day and not have to worry about transferring to a bus seat”. The bus can carry up to 2 wheelchairs.

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From our Community Member, Nina.

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