Being a Client

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland (MDQ) specialises in providing information, support and services for people with muscular dystrophy and similar conditions (including neuromuscular conditions).   Our organisation provides user pays and free services for this group of people.

We welcome Queenslanders who have evidence of a diagnosis of muscular dystrophy or similar condition. (To help you to understand the conditions which are included in this list, we are guided by the list of neuromuscular conditions published by Muscular Dystrophy Association USA: )

People whose needs can be met by our expertise are provided with services at MDQ’s discretion and according to our capacity.  Usually these services fall under our ‘user pays’ group.  If, for any reason, MDQ cannot take you as a client, we will make those decisions objectively, explain the reason to you, and will suggest other appropriate service providers.

  • MDQ provides whole-of-life services i.e. through early childhood, school and university years, working life and retirement
  • MDQ values and respects people from all cultures and language groups, including respecting the culture and language of our First Nations people. MDQ will source interpreters for those who need them and will welcome any support person or cultural mentor who will assist our client to live with their condition
  • MDQ individualises services according to the person’s needs and our capacity. We are committed to person centred and family centred practice

Becoming an MDQ client      

There are usually just two steps in becoming a client of Muscular Dystrophy Queensland:

  • Offer from MDQ to become a client
  • Completion of paperwork

Anyone who receives services from MDQ needs to complete some simple paperwork which includes:

  • A client details form. This includes your personal details and some information about your condition and how it affects your life.  For children and those who have a nominee, we will also ask for parent/nominee details
  • A client consent form. This is your consent – or that of your authorised guardian – for MDQ to work with you.  It covers the following topics
    • Consent for Services
    • Consent to Disclose and Collect Information
    • Consent to Communicate with Guardian/Carer
    • Consent to Video, Photography and Media

Additional forms:

  • For people using MDQ’s NDIS services: MDQ Service Agreement and Schedule of Supports:  These documents are required by the National Disability Insurance Agency
  • For people wishing to access equipment loans g. Cough Assist Loan Agreement.

Be reassured that all of the personal information that is collected by MDQ is subject to the MDQ Privacy Policy and procedures and the Privacy Act 1988 and National Privacy Principles 2014.  For people who have difficulty in understanding the processes or language, we can enlist help for you e.g. a support person or an interpreter.

Being a client

Once you have completed the paperwork, you are a client and a member of our Queensland and Australian neuromuscular community and that has the following benefits:

  • Regular Client Updates
  • Access to our client services team:   They understand your condition more than most and can answer your questions and work with you to solve problems
  • Assistance with understanding the NDIS and specialist NDIS related services
  • Services from dedicated, specialist teams of professional staff.

MDQ is no longer able to keep initiate or have frequent contact with you unless you have active needs.  The good news is that we welcomes your calls – with questions; requests for assistance; need for advice and support – and will respond to your needs as best we can. 

 We would appreciate it if you let us know if

  • You change your contact details
  • You wish to change your instructions to us about anything
  • You would like MDQ to remove your personal details from our records.

Exiting MDQ’s services

People can easily exit Muscular Dystrophy Queensland when they do not want to continue as a client.  Just let us know and we will remove your contact details from our active client list.

From time to time, MDQ may exit clients if we haven’t heard from you for a long term and cannot get in contact with you or our ability to provide services does not meet your needs.  We will try to let you know the reasons bout any changes and we will help you to look for another suitable service provider if that is what you would like us to do.

Contact us

If you wish to make enquiries about becoming a client of Muscular Dystrophy Queensland, do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone:  07 3243 9700 or 1800 676 364