Meet India Parker - Muscular Dystrophy Queensland

Meet India Parker

India Parker is a 23 year old self taught artist who specialises in fine art including fine line and stippling.

Drawing inspiration from nature, plants and landscapes, India has a fondness for creating artwork that reveals the beauty within nature.

With a few influences such as Banksy and Robert Crumb, she is also largely inspired by global issues such as climate change, equity and humans connection to nature. India enjoys working with a combination of inks and acrylic paint to create her artwork and often experiments with different art mediums and techniques to further her skills..

Raised in Brisbane, Queensland, India began her journey into art at an early age. She was diagnosed with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD) and says, “My start in art began at the age of 10. I took to art as a therapeutic tool to cope with the struggles of being physically weaker than most kids in school.”

Experimenting with different mediums, India found that the more skills that she learnt with her art; the more confidence she gained within herself. Wanting to prove to others that you don’t need your legs or strength to be good at something and achieve great things, India pursued her passion further and had gained her first art commission at the age of 14.

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India has worked on a variety of diverse art commissions and designs such as logo designs for a few different small businesses and more. She has designed multiple tattoo designs for her customers and has been commissioned to customise skate decks and other items. She has also successfully sold some of her artwork and prints as well as tutored art lessons to children of family friends.

India was commissioned in 2021 to create an illustration for Muscular Dystrophy Queensland tote bags that were sold for Red Bow Day, helping to fund free support and services for people living in Queensland with muscular dystrophy and similar muscle wasting conditions.

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