Meet Anthony Addati - Muscular Dystrophy Queensland

Meet Anthony Addati

Anthony, who lives with Congenital muscular dystrophy says, “I learned at a young age that with my physical limitations, I would have to work harder to achieve the goals I want”.

Anthony has gone on to create his own unique range of beautiful artwork and children’s books.

His artwork ranges from stunning original pieces to custom drawn prints.

A client of Muscular Dystrophy Queensland, Anthony’s books teach disability awareness and positivity.

His children’s books titled: “This is me! But who will I be?” and “I can climb a mountain too” are beautiful stories shared in the hope to inspire others.

“I believe that looking forward, no matter the limits, is the best way to live. I hope that my art inspires others to do the same.”

Anthony has a earned various tertiary certificates, including Bachelor degrees in Multimedia and Digital Design, and a Diploma in Video games design.

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Medical Alert Cards

Medical Alert Cards

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland has created condition-specific alert cards for the most diagnosed muscle-wasting conditions.

These cards mean that people living with muscle wasting conditions and their families will have the security of knowing they can easily inform emergency health care professionals of the vital and specific issues that affect children and adults with these conditions.

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