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Discover Boccia: A Paralympic Sport for You

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Discover Boccia A Paralympic Sport for You

Perhaps you’re searching for a sport that not only challenges you physically but also fills you with a sense of passion and purpose. Look no further, as the fastest-growing and most inclusive Paralympic sport, Boccia might just be the sport for you.

Meet JP LaFontaine, the Australian BC4 National Champion, whose journey into the world of Boccia began with a single opportunity. Thought to have left his sporting days behind, JP was introduced to Boccia during a come-and-try day organised by Muscular Dystrophy Queensland, Paralympics Australia, and Sporting Wheelies back in 2012. Little did he know that this introduction would lead him to passionately represent the Green and Gold in the Paralympic sport of Boccia.

Despite taking a hiatus from Boccia in 2018 to 2021 to focus on completing his university studies, JP is now gearing up to compete in the Zagreb World Boccia Challenger event in April. For JP, Boccia isn’t just a game—it’s a testament to his skills, dedication, resilience, and mental strength.

Boccia has taken JP around the globe, including South and North America, Asia, Europe, and other parts of Australia, providing him with invaluable life skills and opportunities to connect with athletes from diverse backgrounds. As a BC4 player, JP belongs to a classification of individuals with severe locomotor dysfunction of all four limbs. This underscores the inclusivity of Boccia, which caters to individuals with varying physical conditions through its four classifications.
JP emphasises that Boccia isn’t just about competition – it’s about forging friendships and finding inspiration in the achievements of fellow athletes. To see BC3 team-mates like Jamieson and Dan go about their work on a Boccia court is truly inspiring seeing two people successful in a sport they commit much of their life to.

Australia’s BC3 pair, Jamieson Leeson and Dan Michel are currently the World Boccia Champions and number one world-ranked pairing going into this year, with their full focus directed towards the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

BC3 Players in this class have very severe locomotor dysfunction in all four limbs. Players in this class have no sustained grasp or release action and although they may have arm movement, they have insufficient range of movement to propel a Boccia ball onto the court. They may use an assistive device such as a ramp to deliver the ball.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of trying Boccia, whether competitively or socially, reach out to JP or the relevant organisations. The conatct details are below.

What is Boccia?

Boccia, derived from the Italian word meaning “to bowl,” is one of the world’s oldest games, akin to Bocce Bowls and Petanque. It’s also one of the fastest-growing and most inclusive Paralympic sports, testing players’ muscle control and accuracy as they strive to propel balls as close as possible to a target.

Ready to embark on your Boccia journey?

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Boccia awaits—come discover the joy of this exhilarating and inclusive sport!