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Your Individual Support Plan (for NDIS plan holders)

Your NDIS Plan records your high-level goals, resulting from your meeting with your NDIS Planner.  In addition, your main service providers are required to work with Participants to build a Support Plan.  At Muscular Dystrophy Queensland we call this Plan an Individual Support Plan or ISP.

What is an Individual Support Plan (ISP)?

The Individual Support Plan (ISP) translates your NDIS goals into what you want to achieve with your service provider.  It includes (but is not limited to) documentation of:

  • The outcomes you want to achieve with that particular service provider
  • Your needs, requirements and preferences
  • Any risks you may experience and ways to overcome these risks
  • Your health and well-being needs
  • Your equipment
  • Your budget with regular monitoring and review of the section covered by that service
  • All of your service providers and hours of support

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Am I required to have an ISP?

The NDIA requires that providers develop an ISP for each participant, and they are a useful document, so we recommend them, however it is always your choice.  If you do not want a Support Plan, you will need to let your Muscular Dystrophy Queensland support coordinator or therapist know and they will document your wishes in the notes they keep about your services.

Who works with me to complete my ISP?

If you have a support coordinator at Muscular Dystrophy Queensland, it is their job to work with you to develop an ISP according to your wishes and needs.

If you receive only allied health services from Muscular Dystrophy Queensland, your allied health professional will develop a short ISP with you.

The ISP becomes your property, which you can share with your other service providers, so they know about your goals and the actions you and your service provider are taking.  If you have a support coordinator, you can ask them to circulate your Muscular Dystrophy Queensland ISP to your others on your behalf.

Do I get a choice about what goes into my ISP?

Absolutely.  It is your Individual Support Plan (ISP).

Do I need a Support Plan for each of the services I receive?

Most service providers are obliged to work with you to develop a Support Plan which covers the services they are providing

How often do I have to do a Support Plan?

The progress against your Support Plan goals is reviewed annually, or when there is a new plan or if your circumstances change.  Progress in meeting desired outcomes and goals is assessed and goals are adjusted to meet your current needs and choices.

Can I have someone to help me when I am meeting with the Muscular Dystrophy Queensland staff member?

We aim to use plain English when we are working with you and writing your ISP, plus:

  • If your first language is not English, we can arrange to have an interpreter available.
  • If you would like a cultural support person, we would welcome that person to support you.

Can I read some more information about an NDIS Support Plan?

The information may not be easy to find on however, you can ask a staff member from Muscular Dystrophy Queensland for further information.

Feel free to contact us on our Infoline – Suzi is standing by on 1800 676 364.