TREAT-NMD International Conference, December 7-9, 2022, Canada - Muscular Dystrophy Queensland

TREAT-NMD International Conference, December 7-9, 2022, Canada

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Hosted by TREAT-NMD, the 2022 conference will be taking place on 7-9 December, 2022 in Canada. The TREAT-NMD Conference is a bi-annual networking event whose delegates include academics, patients and carers, patient advocacy organisations, clinical specialists and industry. Delegates have the opportunity to:

– Network with partners on key issues and challenges in neuromuscular disease

– Engage with panels of international experts who will inform, stimulate and challenge debate –

-Acquire the latest updates on standards of care, outcome measures, patient reviews, and new developments –

As with all of TREAT-NMD’s previous conferences this is a fantastic opportunity for all stakeholders, including patients, academics, clinicians, registry curators and industry representatives, to get together to network, learn and exchange ideas about translational research. Find out more