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Strikeforce referrals for powerchair football

Many of us take the opportunity to play and compete in sport for granted.

The Queensland Power Football Association (QPFA) – was founded to allow people with disabilities the opportunity to play a team sport. Numerous members of our community are part of the Association, appreciating the friendships and rivalry that come along with a competitive sport. 

Powerchair football is an adapted football form that involves teams of four players. To compete, players use powerchairs fitted with footguards, to pass, spin and kick a 13-inch football to score goals, usually on a basketball court.


The Loop Voices: Tristam Peters: Powerchair Football Champion

As the sport has developed, so has the equipment needed to play competitively. The Strikeforce wheelchair allows players to compete effectively, with its state-of-the-art technology. The American-built Strikeforce power wheelchair costs around $25,000 to build and individualise. It has been designed for competition sports, with a low centre of gravity and moves with more agility than other wheelchairs.

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland is now able to accept referrals for Strikeforce wheelchairs from participants with all conditions, not just neuromuscular conditions. This will allow more members of the community to access this crucial equipment, as well as enhance self confidence and reduce social isolation.

Please contact our office for enquiries or freecall 1800 676 364.

Muscular Dystrophy Board Member and QPFA player and Secretary, Tristram Peters credits the sporting opportunities he attended as a child with firing his passion for sport and establishing lifelong friendships. QPFA is always looking for players and volunteers. If you are interested in trying powerchair football, feel free to come along to the next come and try day on Saturday, October 15.

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